May 5, 2010

A.S. Issangya, S.B.R. Karri, T.M. Knowlton, in “Fluidization XIII” (S.D. Kim, Y. Kang, J.K. Lee, Y.C. Seo, eds.) Engineering Conferences International, Gyeong ju, Korea, p. 105.

Tests were conducted in 0.6-m and 0.9-m-diameter units to determine the effect of imposed solids flux and system pressure on gas bypassing in deep beds of FCC catalyst particles.  Imposed solids fluxes of up to 70 kg/m2-sec and freeboard pressures of up to about 200 kPag were used.  Imposing a solids flux on the fluid bed increased the potential for gas bypassing, while increasing the system pressure had the opposite effect.