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PSRI has over 160 years of experience and over 225 reviewed publications in fluidization and particle technology

Manuk has 35 years of engineering and R&D experience at Union Carbide, the Dow Chemical Company and at Renmatix, a leading biofuels company. He was instrumental in designing, troubleshooting and commercializing several processes, reaction and, residual solvent/monomer removal systems from polymers, including Unipol for these companies. His areas of expertise include modeling of multiphase reacting systems, solids processing, fluidization and biofuels processing.


Chief Science Officer Renmatix, Inc, (September 2012 –February 2017) Responsible for developing research capabilities for converting biomass to sugars and leading the R&D effort.


Chief Technology Officer Renmatix, Inc, (February 2011-September 2012) Responsible in overseeing the development of technologies enabling the economic, large scale production of chemicals and fuels from biomass - instead of conventional fossil fuels


Fellow/Senior Technical Leader: The Dow Chemical Company, Core R&D, Charleston, WV. Provided global technical leadership to 30 professionals in Solids Processing and Reaction Engineering Groups across Dow Core and Business R&D; Developed and supervised projects exploring new technologies and opportunities as well as led and implemented capital and improvement projects in Reaction Engineering and Solids Processing technology (2001-Dec 2009)


Part-Time Advisor National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC; Serve on a National Academies committee led by the Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board on Nuclear Waste Forms Technology and Performance (Aug 2009-Aug 2010)


Group Leader, Union Carbide Corporation, Research and Development and Engineering Departments; Managed and led the Reaction Engineering and Solids Processing Groups as well as provided technical leadership in all areas related to Solids Processing and Reaction Engineering across the Corporation, including problem solving, troubleshooting and idea generation; Initiated and formed the Solids Processing group. (1996 – 2001)


Group Leader, Union Carbide Corporation, Research and Development and Engineering Departments; Managed and led the Reaction Engineering group; Interacted, consulted and partnered with almost all business and R&D and Engineering Organizations representing a broad range of functions and levels to help troubleshoot, debottleneck, design and commercialize several catalytic, multiphase reaction and, solids processing systems, such as gas-phase, gas/liquid/solid phase reactors, fluidized beds, spray dryers, conveying systems etc. (1993 - 2003)


Project Scientist, Research Scientist, Reaction Engineering, Union Carbide Corporation, Research and Development: Identified, evaluated and invented catalysts for gas-liquid-solid and gas-solid reactions in support of various Union Carbide businesses and processes; Responsible for the commercial scale implementation of several such catalyst and reaction systems; Developed kinetic models for various reaction systems and simulated various types of reactors for several of Union Carbide major businesses; Constructed and operated several automated laboratories as well as developed a variety of computer tools for modeling chemical processes and interpreting laboratory data; Provided plant support to improve or expand processes, improve productivity and efficiency in a number of Union Carbide commercial processes; Developed conceptual processes (1984-1993)


Process Control Engineer, Reichhold Chemicals, Inc., Tacoma, Washington; Automated entire plant operations, including programming and operating a control computer used in monitoring and controlling all processes (1979-1980)


Adjunct Faculty Taught several classes and supervised doctoral students at Marshall University Graduate College, West Virginia University College of Graduate Studies and Washington University, St. Louis (1988-2001)



PhD, Chemical Engineering, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon (with Octave Levenspiel)


M.S., Chemical Engineering, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon (with T.J. Fitzgerald)


B.S., Chemical Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey




-AIChE Particle Technology Forum’s “Fluidization Processing Recognition Award” (2005)


-Oregon State University Academy of Distinguished Engineers Award (2006)


- Elected Fellow of AIChE (2013)


-Recipient of Service Award for AIChE’s Particle Technology Forum (2013)


-George Lappin Program Committee Service Award meritorious service on behalf of AIChE technical programming and dedication to the profession (2014)


Selected Publications


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M. Colakyan Elutriation from Large Particle Fluidized Beds with and without Immersed Heat Transfer Tubes, M.S. Thesis, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR (1979)



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