PSRI Consulting

PSRI has over 160 years of experience and over 225 reviewed publications in fluidization and particle technology

  • Developed technology specifications to design gas distributors, expanded bulb, etc  for the reactor
  • Conducted cold flow testing  t high pressures to identify the parameters that affect the fluidization characteristics and entrainment issues
  • Determined optimum particle size distribution for the FBR
  • Designed cyclone-dipleg system for this application.  
  • Demonstrated a technology to continuously purge out solids from the dipleg to prevent building up of impurities in the reactor
  • Assisted in developing a reliable angled eductors to feed the collected fines back to the reactor
  • Selection of particle feed size distribution to achieve optimal reactant conversion, particle gas contacting, stable hydrodynamics, limited unreacted solids losses
  • Management of solids entrainment in high pressure, high temperature, corrosive environments with dynamically evolving particle size distribution
  • Conceptual understanding of the link between feed impurities, particle cohesion, and the resulting reactor hydrodynamics and operability
  • Assisted in operating both pilot and commercial reactors in a reliable fashion

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