Fluidization Seminar and Workshop

Fluidization Seminar and Workshop

The purpose of the PSRI Fluidization Seminar is to supply instruction on the theory, design and operation of fluidized beds and solids transfer systems for engineers new to the field, or those who want to improve their understanding of the field.  The four-day course covers the basics of fluidized beds and solids transfer, and then discusses how best to design and operate the most critical elements of fluidized beds and solids transfer such as cyclones, standpipes, gas distributors and pneumatic conveying lines.


  • Basic Fluidization Hydrodynamics
  • Gas Distributor Design and Operation
  • Circulating Fluidized Beds and High-Velocity Systems
  • Cyclone Design and Operation
  • Dilute and Dense-Phase Conveying
  • Particle Entrainment
  • Erosion and Particle Attrition
  • Standpipes and Solids Flow Systems

Our fluidization seminar and workshop is now digital.  During the seminar, we will provide you with a tablet to follow along with.  After the seminar, you will have access to the seminar material on the PSRI website (www.psri.org) under your membership login.

PSRI offers a student discount on our seminars. If you are currently enrolled as a student, please make sure you use the ContactUS page to request information on how to obtain the student discount!

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